Shipping Methods

We ship our yarns with “Deutsche Post”. If you prefer any other shipping method, please feel free to contact me before placing your order.

Shipping Costs
  • Germany
    • 5,00 € per delivery of up to 2 kg
    • 7,50 € per delivery of up to 5 kg
  • All other Countries
    • 7,50 € per delivery for up to 1 kg
    • 17,50 € per delivery for up to 2 kg
Delivery Times

We ship our yarns within 2 workdays after receipt of payment.

Standard delivery times for shipping with “Deutsche Post”

Please be aware that since we are located in Germany, shipping to other countries (especially outside of the EU) might take up to 18 workdays (e.g. to Chile or Russia).

However in most cases it should be faster.

Also keep in mind that your packet might get stuck in customs, which might result in some delay.