Mini Twists Socks

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These Mini Twists Socks are not just beautiful but also one of the most comfortable pairs of socks I have ever knitted.

The twists are a little tricky to knit but totally worth the effort! For the heel flap I have chosen the slip stitch rib to make it more durable.

Since this pattern is a little trickier please take a look at the corresponding video tutorial (at the end of this page).

I have chosen my favorite round toe shape, which is really pretty and also easy to understand.

The unusual thing about these mini twists are the fact that they are super elastic! Normal twist tend to make socks very narrow. But since these twists are combined with a ribbing, the socks will remain elastic, which makes it a lot easier to predict the amount of stitches that you need to cast on for your shoe size.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that the instructions are written for the addiCraSyTrio.

This means that the stitches are only divided onto two needles (not onto four needles as with DPNs), so one needle contains the stitches for the top of the foot and one contains the stitches for the bottom of the foot.

If you want to use Magic Loop, you can just follow the same instructions. If you want to use DPNs, go ahead as usual but keep in mind that the stitches on the “the first needle” are actually the first half of the stitches and the stitches of “the second needle” are the second half of the stitches.

The videos are for socks in the size 37 (US 6) but the written instructions include tips on how to knit the socks in other sizes (up to 72 stitches in total).

You will however need to cast on a minimum of 52 stitches!

The yarn that I used in the instructions is my own standard sock yarn (4ply) in the color “love letter“, but any other 4ply sock yarn that you like will do. You can even combine it with a contrasting color for the cuff and toe.

The pattern include step-by-step instructions and charts for the different designs.

Be aware: this is a digital product! You won’t receive a printed version of this pattern, just the digital version in pdf format, that you can read on your computer using a pdf reading software.

Video Tutorial